The Naval Academy Sailing Foundation (NASF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt corporation, chartered in the State of Maryland since 1973. Its sole function is to further the mission of the United States Naval Academy, Primarily through direct support to the sail training program at the Naval Academy




Athletic Excellence

Winning is an ethos and a culture -  beyond well developed athletic abilities, it is the experience of competing and winning with the deep intellectual and emotional knowledge that one can, will, and must win, in any circumstance.  Winning, and the knowledge of winning are transferable qualities throughout life and, while they are developed and honed right here on the Severn River, those rare talents and qualities are brought to bear in Fleet leadership positions and, importantly, in combat. 


Why we sail:

We teach sailing here at the Naval Academy for one purpose: to make competent seamen of our midshipmen, who will be the naval leaders of the future.
We enter races to find an atmosphere which, like combat, stretches ability and endurance to the limit for that extra margin required for victory.
And we send them to sea to learn the fundamental characteristic of professional seamanship: a deep-seated sense of humility in the face of nature and her master.
— Captain John Bonds, USN Former Director, Naval Academy Sailing


Character & Leadership Development

The Naval Academy mission places an extraordinary emphasis on leadership that is uncommon in most present-day undergraduate programs.  That emphasis comes from a deeply held belief that the attributes of successful leaders are first learned in the classroom and then practiced over and over through hands-on experience leading other midshipmen.    Going to sea aboard Sail Training Craft provides a unique laboratory for young officers-to-be to develop leadership skills under real-world situations.  Racing off shore instills mental toughness, team spirit, aggressiveness, the will to win and the determination to excel, regardless of the odds.  Few other sports embody the professional leadership traits of teamwork, courage, selflessness and perseverance as naturally occur aboard a sailboat at sea.